Watching Teddy Grow – Introduction

Teddy’s life has been an extraordinary one for a variety of reasons. Watching Teddy grow and helping him to become an adult has become the central activity to my life for the last eighteen years. His arrival in my life has caused me to reconsider and to expand nearly all my ideas about what life means. Frequently I have been asked to write a book detailing our experience as a family.

I always promised I would write our story when Teddy turned eighteen and so he has. I begin the book simply with the story of how Teddy and I became a family. In the chapters that follow I describe the struggle we faced in understanding what meaning to attribute to such basic concepts as race, culture, gender, sexuality, religion, death, community and truth – all within the context of experiencing life through a lens of disability. This is not a book about the limitations of disability, or how wonderful life can be when you overcome disability, but how living with disability expands your definition of what life is.

“This book is about me when I was born and when I was a little boy. It is about how I have a good life. It is about the people who take care of me, play with me, and love me. It is about growing up, and having a good mother who always love me. It is about learning to be a good man, a happy man.”

Next Chapter – The Beginning of Us

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