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These are the people Teddy depends on now or has in the past to make his business what it is. Some are paid, some are not – all are dedicated to his success. Success for Teddy is not what it is for many others. Success is having a place in the community where you are welcomed and valued and have purpose. Teddy’s Ts give Teddy the opportunity to live the kind of life he wants to live.

photo of Teddy's momSusan 
Teddy’s mom – does anything more need to be said?

Photo of Rich Rich
Rich is Susan’s partner in life. He is also part of the lifeblood of Teddy’s business. Without Rich, Teddy’s would not be silkscreening his own designs. Rich is our personal geek – he also makes Teddy’s ideas into artistic images.

Photo of Teddy's GrandparentsGrandma and Grandpa
What would life be like for Teddy without them? They have backed him in ways no others could. Teddy adores his grandparents. We are lucky they live nearby. They have floated us loans to keep the business afloat more than once.

Photo of Tarryn and TeddyTarryn
Tarryn is Teddy’s cousin. She has helped at Teddy’s conference events. She shared her bedroom at our house with his business for several years. Tarryn and Teddy get along like most siblings do.

Photo of Dan WilkinsDan
Dan Wilkins of the Nth Degree gave Teddy his start in the tshirt selling business. We will always owe Dan a debt of gratitude for how he helped Teddy on his way. Teddy began his business by selling only a few of Dan’s designs. Eventually he sold over thirty of them. He still sells almost 2 dozen of them on our miscellaneous page.

Megan Bouchard encouraged Teddy to learn to silkscreen and create the buttons he designs with an electronic button making machine. She made the first buttons Teddy designed.

Photo of Ken VeenstarKen
Ken Veenstra is Teddy’s Support Coordinator through Community Living Services of Oakland County (CLS). Ken is much more than a supports coordinator to Teddy – he is a trusted and loved friend. I’m not sure what we would do without him.

Teddy and LisaLisa
Lisa Lucas spent more than a year working with Teddy to help his business grown. Now she is home with her new baby. She was hired to help Teddy through CLS.

Photo of Janna and TeddyJanna
Janna Mulder was Teddy’s support person until she moved to Colorado. Janna helped Teddy’s business move to the next level and she is sorely missed. Janna was also hired through CLS.

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People who have helped Teddy through his childhood to become the man he is: his Great Grandma†, Bobo and her sister, his great Aunt Irma†; Best friends Mark Pearson†, Jim Moses†, and Kjellaug Jakobsen, the great support of Dohn HoyleMarsha Rose KatzJill England; & Pat Carver.

Photo of Flora Perry
Photo of Irma Codding
Aunt Irma
Photo of Mark Pearson
Uncle Mark
Photo of Jim Moses
Uncle Jim
Photo of Kjellaug and Teddy
Aunt Kjellaug
Photo of Dohn Hoyle
Photo of Pat Carver
photo of Marsha Rose Katz
Photo of Jill England
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