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New Shipping Prices

Sometimes you can’t ship things the way you want to ship them because the website software won’t let you. Finally a solution was found to the problem of the cost to ship buttons verus shirts. Now it will be free shipping for buttons and magnets, but you will still need to pay shipping for shirts and tote bags. I hope this will inspire you to buy a few button maybe even a dozen!

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You might have noticed Teddy’s Ts new look, well in the new year it will probably change again. I have moved from A theme to a WooTheme, and now I am going to move from one WooTheme to another. All this I am hoping will provide a better experience for people visiting Teddy’s Ts.

This is a lot of trouble to do, but it is especially troublesome because my skills in website design are very patchy. So critical for me is good quality support. Woo Themes has it! They have what are called Woo Ninjas who help out people like me who think they know what they are doing, but often get into pickles because I don’t quite. So if you are thinking about creating a website – or changing a website you have – I highly recommend Woo Themes. I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

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Teddy in National Harbor, Maryland

Teddy and I had a wonderful time in National Harbor, Maryland at the Alliance for Full Participation conference. Teddy spent his time networking and selling shirts while attended workshops and networked. The conference was about the belief that all people with disabilities can work. Not in sheltered workshops, but in the community. We need to work harder to find employers who are willing to carve out good quality jobs for people with significant disabilities. We also need to work harder to support the dreams of people like Teddy who want to be in business for them self.

Teddy worked very hard selling shirts. We didn’t bring too many as I thought it was going to be a much smaller conference than it was – so Teddy sold almost every shirt he brought. We had time to explore National Harbor and DC. Teddy loves DC, but he also love Christmas! And when at a hotel – he really loves hot tubs!

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Shopping for the holidays!

Is it empty under your tree? Teddy’s mom has totally maxed out her credit so that Teddy’s Ts can have every shirt you might want in stock for your shopping pleasure! Label Jars not People – a perennial favorite is available in long sleeves as an experiment. If they prove popular they will become a regular item. Continue reading Shopping for the holidays!

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Teddy at the Re-Imaging Work Weekend

Work should not be just about earning money,it should also be doing something you are passionate about it. Teddy is passionate about civil rights. His business allows him to express his passion without worrying about what his boss thinks about his political leanings. Here is a pic taken after the conference Re-Imagine Work October 28-30, 2011. Grace Lee Boggs is center – surrounded by the people who want to make meaningful work. If you want to read more about the concept of re-imagining work – check out their website at

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New Look!

We’ve changed the website. We’ve switched from WordPress Market theme to WordPress WooTheme Commerce. Still a few bugs to work out. Still have some pages to write. But, we hope it looks better and is easier to use. Look through it and if you find anything strange or difficult to use – let us know.

There are three main pages we sell from: tshirts, buttons, and sales.  All of the Teddy tshirt designs are on the tshirt page. All the buttons and as we add them – magnets – are on the button page. On the sale page are the shirts we still have from the Nth degree and other uncategorized items like a tote bags. Hopefully coming soon we will have bumper stickers again – we are trying to find an affordable way to make them.


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Buttons, buttons, and more buttons!

We have lots of new buttons…more all the time. We have about 30 different designs.

We can design a button on a few days notice and get you a hundred of them a day later. Our friend Rich is great at turning your idea into a button of beauty. We give you a bargain price, too, when you buy a large quantity of buttons. Call us for a price.

All buttons are priced at $3.00. All button magnets at $4.00. Both buttons and magnets ship free.

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Teddy needs a new Assistant

Starting now, Teddy needs a new assistant. Hours are flexible as is the job. You can put in a few extra hours one week and few less the next. You can do both jobs or just one.

8 CLS hours a week have fun!
Help Teddy negotiate the social world he loves. Take him bowling, go swimming, lift weights, power walk, or whatever you come up with. If you like to go to Tiger games – Teddy loves them too! Are you a fan of something special – introduce it to Teddy. Help him manage the time he wants to spend with friends. Introduce him to your life and the things you love. Preference given to a male in his 20s or 30s, but open to anyone who is interested in a high energy job.

10 Skill building hours a week help with the business.
Go to conferences and help him sell tshirts and buttons. Some local events, some overnight. Help do some of the odd jobs needed to keep the business going. Problem-solve how to improve the business.

Paid through Community Living Services and requires you to have taken First Aid, Recipient Rights Training, and CPR. Classes are paid for. Pay dependent upon experience – $8-12 and hour plus some expenses.

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Happy Birthday Teddy!

Today is Teddy’s Birthday. Join us at AJ’s Cafe on Ferndale to celebrate at 7:30PM. (2011)

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New Gandhi Shirt!

This is a medium blue shirt with gold lettering. It says Be the Change Your Wish to See in the World ~ Gandhi. These letters surround a globe drawn and painted by Teddy in green and blue. It is a very pretty shirt, but can be worn by anyone!

This is our friend Carol and she in walking for MS!

We still have a few of Dan’s old Gandhi designs left, but not many.