2024 Disability Caravan

2024 Caravan for Freedom and Justice between 2 red bars on a circular blue backgroundShow your support for the mission of the Caravan, while helping to provide the funds needed to carry it out. Wear a button, afix a bumper sticker to your car, put a sticker on your laptop, a bandana around your service dog’s neck, hang a bag off your wheelchair, or simply don a t-shirt – and spread the word – the Caravan is coming!

BUTTONS 2 1/4 buttons are available in two manufacturing processes. Large orders will be mass produced and sold in lots of 25+ buttons. Less than 25 buttons, hand stamped by Teddy Fitzmaurice.  Teddy’s Ts is a straategic fundraising  and e-commerce partner.

Immediately available –

Teddy’s Ts handmade and its URLHandmade buttons in Caravan design:
Single button $5.00.
2-23 buttons $4.00 a piece.                                                                                                            Mass produced 24 and more S3.00 a piece..

Other items will be available here soon!

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Showing all 3 results