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  1. Good Afternoon ,

    I hope you are well I wanted to reach out again about possibly forming a partnership with NBZ Apparel and Downs Designs Dreams. NBZ Apparel and Downs Designs Dreams are looking to partner with other great organizations with similar missions and a strong focus on helping others.

    1.) Cross promoting is a wonderful way to aid both organizations missions. Our partnership utilizes both NBZ Apparel’s and Downs Designs Dreams’ Social Media Pages … Tagging both companies and products. Here is a list of our Social Media Links:
    Downs Designs Dreams Facebook – 74,000 Followers
    Downs Designs Dreams Instagram – 1360 Followers
    Downs Designs Dreams Twitter – 996 Followers
    NBZ Apparel Facebook – 1701 Followers
    NBZ Apparel Instagram – 362 Followers
    NBZ Apparel Twitter – 1484 Followers

    2.) We would add your organization to our resource page located on our websites.

    3.) We would love to discuss a donation of our jeans, black dress, or khaki pants for you so that you can personally wear and experience our clothing.

    4.) We would also be open for any blogging or newsletter opportunities!

    We love to reach out to support and form relationships with other like-minded individuals and companies. I think this would be a great fit. Let me know if you have any ideas as well or questions. Our partnerships do not require any fees and instead the goal of helping more. I would love to discuss things further and a possible partnership with a phone call. Thank you for your time and I will look forward to hearing from you!


  2. Hi Teddy! I loved reading your story, it was so very inspiring. I think you have done some very wonderful things and helped many people along the way. Bless you! Dawn Thoma RN

    1. Thank you. I like helping people. Everybody needs freedom. I love everybody. Love, Teddy

      1. Try again. We have completely redone the shopping cart.

    2. Thanks you. Love.Teddy

  3. Hey guys!
    I am trying to place an order but I get a cart error. I would also like to share your site with others.
    Love your story!

    1. All fixed. Not sure what went wrong with the site. I’d love for you to share the site with everyone. When you order, I’ll throw in some extra buttons. Have any favorites?

  4. I want to order the ADA celebration shirt. Is it available after the Abilities Expo?

    1. Absolutely! The ADA Celebration the shirt helps fund is July 26-September 27th. Order it here. Lots in stock!

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