photo of flat rate shipping boxesWe ship in flat rate priority boxes and envelopes whenever practical. If it makes more sense to send it another way – we will.  We track all packages.

We will be glad to send shirts outside the US. Just contact us directly and we will find out the cost to ship them to you.

$6.50 shipping per shirt. We’ll refund anything overpaid, less $1.50 handling

If you order only buttons or magnets – shipping is free.

4 thoughts on “Shipping

  1. Hello Teddy,
    I am deaf and disabled physically. I love your buttons. I have one from a long time ago that says LIVE UNITED! I really love that button it means a lot to me. I ordered some of your buttons and I like them a lot. I think they will be my new favorites.
    I like your ideas, Teddy, you are so smart. Hugs. Tammy Rose Colenaty
    My nickname is Rose on Wheels.

    1. I’ll be sending out your buttons soon. Sorry, organizing huge event and no time to problem solve doing it again.I’ll send them out this week.

  2. I need to order approximately 20 ADA30 t-shirts in various sizes. How quickly can they be shipped to NC?

    1. I hope you got my direct email. I will be shipping shirts out first thing Monday morning. If you want them by Friday for the 26th, that will be enough time. If you want them sooner, I can send them express. Pay the regular shipping, and I bill you the additional cost for express shipping. I’ll need the order by Sunday nightlate.

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