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Teddy’s Place goes Live!

Teddy is becoming more and more adept at using the internet – Facebook specifically, but he is also starting to get himself into trouble. So I need to find some more restrained ways he can have an active experience. So this is going to be Teddy’s safe harbor to talk to friends online. I hope it can be your safe harbor too – or someone you care about.

I’m going to be looking for tools that work well to read out loud what is posted here. I am also going to be looking for tools that will help him to post independently. Once I figure that out I’ll post how we do that here. In the mean time, Teddy may post a bit on his own, but mostly he will tell me what he wants to post and I’ll type it out for him.

This is going to be a moderated space. This takes away from the ability of Teddy to write scathing information about me, but I want this to be a place where bullying, trolls, and scam are simply not tolerated.