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Teddy in National Harbor, Maryland

Teddy and I had a wonderful time in National Harbor, Maryland at the Alliance for Full Participation conference. Teddy spent his time networking and selling shirts while attended workshops and networked. The conference was about the belief that all people with disabilities can work. Not in sheltered workshops, but in the community. We need to work harder to find employers who are willing to carve out good quality jobs for people with significant disabilities. We also need to work harder to support the dreams of people like Teddy who want to be in business for them self.

Teddy worked very hard selling shirts. We didn’t bring too many as I thought it was going to be a much smaller conference than it was – so Teddy sold almost every shirt he brought. We had time to explore National Harbor and DC. Teddy loves DC, but he also love Christmas! And when at a hotel – he really loves hot tubs!