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You might have noticed Teddy’s Ts new look, well in the new year it will probably change again. I have moved from A theme to a WooTheme, and now I am going to move from one WooTheme to another. All this I am hoping will provide a better experience for people visiting Teddy’s Ts.

This is a lot of trouble to do, but it is especially troublesome because my skills in website design are very patchy. So critical for me is good quality support. Woo Themes has it! They have what are called Woo Ninjas who help out people like me who think they know what they are doing, but often get into pickles because I don’t quite. So if you are thinking about creating a website – or changing a website you have – I highly recommend Woo Themes. I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

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New Look!

We’ve changed the website. We’ve switched from WordPress Market theme to WordPress WooTheme Commerce. Still a few bugs to work out. Still have some pages to write. But, we hope it looks better and is easier to use. Look through it and if you find anything strange or difficult to use – let us know.

There are three main pages we sell from: tshirts, buttons, and sales.  All of the Teddy tshirt designs are on the tshirt page. All the buttons and as we add them – magnets – are on the button page. On the sale page are the shirts we still have from the Nth degree and other uncategorized items like a tote bags. Hopefully coming soon we will have bumper stickers again – we are trying to find an affordable way to make them.