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Life does go on

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One truth (about Down syndrome/our lives with Down syndrome OR DISABILITY)

Having Down syndrome is not the end of the world. Life continues and is still full of wonder. Teddy is 30 years old and has a very good life and my life has been good because he is in it. Together we work his business. How many parents of 30 years old get along with them well enough to do a business together?

One tip (- information on something related to Ds/Disability/raising a child with Ds/Disability or just parenting in general)

Microenterprise is a great way to keep your young adult involved in the community. Think about things your child is good at while they are still young and nurture it so that someday it may be a source of pride, income, and identity as a business. Teddy loves politics and working for disability rights and creating tshirts and buttons was a perfect business for him. There are lots of opportunities for people with Down syndrome to have their own businesses, but honestly, a lot of the planning and ongoing work falls on parents.

One photo

Teddy and a happy customer at Detroit's Eastern Market, Shed 1i9-[l;

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