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Teddy is 30 Years Old!!!!

Teddy is 30 years old. I am telling him he is no longer a young adult, but now just a plain old adult. He’s done a tremendous amount of maturing the past few years taking care of his Grandma, but it has also taken a lot of wind out of his sails. I am proud of the man he has become, even though this year has been very challenging for us both. Please wish him a Happy Birthday on his Facebook page /teddyfitzm He loves to get messages on Facebook!

Teddy at 5 months – first photo taken by Mom. I wish I’d taken one sooner, but I had no idea he was going to stay so long. (He arrived one week shy of his 4 month birthday weighing less than 8 pounds.)


Teddy at 2 – first Day of going to school on the bus without Mom. One day a week without me – longest four hours of my week.

Teddy's First Day of School!
Teddy’s First Day of Pre-School by himself!

Teddy at age 6 – First Day of INCLUSIVE Kindergarten. BIG Day for Teddy and for Ann Arbor.

Twddy & Phillip first day of school

Teddy at 16 – first political demonstration (Against Peter Singer @ Princeton)

Teddy in Princeton, NY, 1990

Teddy at 24 demonstrating on the US Capitol steps – he went to DC WITHOUT Me. This was his first time REALLY on his own – doesn’t look too worried.

Teddy & Luke on Capitol steps

Photo of Teddy (Age 29) at cousin Rachael’s wedding taken this past December. He looks so old!

Susan and Teddy 12.15.2012

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