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Society for Disability Studies

We had a great time at the conference last week. It was so good to see old friends and to meet new ones. Heard some amazing presentations. First time Down syndrome has been so present at SDS. Engaging discussions about stigma of being a parent of a child with a disability. Powerful thought regarding genocide and holocaust and euthanasia and how it impacts the lives of people with disabilities today. Met Emily Ladeu – an amazing new blogger ( – who will partner with Teddy’s Ts on an amazing new project. Hugged Ibby Grace ( so many times I can’t count. Fell in love with Doris Zames Fleischer ( all over again. She says things in ways so few others can. Direct and to the point. And the amazing senior scholar award winner, Devva Kasnitz, my roomie and friend forever. I melt into her whenever I see her.

I can’t wait for next year when we all meet up again in Atlanta!

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The Arc Conference & looking inward and forward

Well we went to Washington to the Arc conference and it didn’t go as well as we had hoped for. Teddy had pretty good sales, but not even half of what we needed to cover the costs. I didn’t expect to make a profit, but I was hoping for more.  Next year is in Louisiana and we have to figure out a way to get some of the costs paid for by someone else.

Our presentation was brief to say the least. We followed a group of 4 who were supposed to present for 40 minutes, but went over. Than the next presentation went over too. So when it was our turn we had to switch over to our powerpoint and we got hijacked by one of the other presenters. We had planned to start our presentation before the slides – expecting Teddy to show off his shirts while I did the tech. That sort of happened, but not quite the way we planned. We got through 10 of our 17 slides and then the hijacker just pulled the plug. If I sound a bit peeved, I am. It was a big commitment for us to be there and we did it in part to present.

But what really has me unsettled is that the same person who hijacked our presentation also made some really horrid comments about me. One of the people who told me about them said don’t be bothered by them, she is just projecting. She said I was making Teddy retarded. I was keeping him down. I’ve done a lot of soul searching and just can’t see it. I know there are a few family idiosyncracies that are a bit immature, but I think all families have those. (I call Teddy ‘baby bear’ is the worst I do.)  So I am trying to forget this and move on, but for the time being it’s still leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Added later: I spoke to Teddy’s cousin about this and asked her what she thought. She got enraged rather quickly and said I did a few weird things, but I pushed Teddy to be his best.  I evidently kiss Teddy too much. She says on the mouth, but since I deliberately avoid doing that and kiss him on the nose, I’m not so sure about her observation. I shouldn’t let this bug me, but it does. I need to figure out how to put some closure on it.



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Teddy in the News

I was just looking at a website and there was a video link – and I thought to myself – that looks like Teddy. I looked closer and I was sure it was Teddy. And so I looked at the video and Teddy has two short appearances. This was a TV news show on September 18, 2011 Colorado 9 News.

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Teddy’s Ts Highlighted in Promotional Video

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Teddy at the Re-Imaging Work Weekend

Work should not be just about earning money,it should also be doing something you are passionate about it. Teddy is passionate about civil rights. His business allows him to express his passion without worrying about what his boss thinks about his political leanings. Here is a pic taken after the conference Re-Imagine Work October 28-30, 2011. Grace Lee Boggs is center – surrounded by the people who want to make meaningful work. If you want to read more about the concept of re-imagining work – check out their website at