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Updated Website, new stuff, & coupons!

The website might look the same, but its innards have been updated. Hopefully this means the site will work better. It will also mean, hopefully, more sales!

Teddy is now making mini buttons as fast as he can. His mom is having a great time coming up with new designs. The mini size lends itself to far more powerful messages that you might want to be a bit more discreet about. Teddy doesn’t really “get” what they all mean yet. He will.

New shirt!  A bright lime green shirt, with a black frame letting the words “Disabled and Proud” pop-out.  The “i” is a raised arm with the hand in a fist.

We have Sexy, Disabled, & Proud available for a short time in sleeveless versions. We might continue to make them or they might just be around for summer.

We have gotten lots of tshirts in stock, so the stock levels on the site might not be accurate yet. We are not printing the Justin Dart shirt again until 2015 for the 25th Anniversary of the ADA, but most sizes are still available.  We are also going to phase out the Peace shirt for awhile. We still have a lot left, but they are very time intensive to make and we are going to focus on other shirts this year.

And finally, we have coupons!  You can find them under “Shop”.  There are just 3 right now.  You enter a code during checkout. If you buy 3 tshirts you get a discount of $10.00 (buy 3). If you buy 10 mini buttons, you get a 50% discount (buy 10).  And the opportunity to make a donation to the Society for Disability Studies and get a 5¢ discount for yourself (SDS).