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New Label Jars Shirt and One21

We have a new color and shape in our Label Jars not People shirt. We now carry it in lavender in a woman’s style. The sleeves are shorter, the waist a bit nipped in, and the shirt itself is a bit shorter – all for a more feminine look. Best of all, it is the same price as the yellow shirt. We are carrying it is sizes small to 3x. If you want it bigger we will be glad to special order it for you.

New Pic soon!
New Pic soon!

Because we want to encourage sales of this new shirt, we are going to be giving $3.00 to ONE21for each shirt sold.


ONE21 is a new, community wide initiative of parents, researchers, and other advocates for Down syndrome coming together for a common goal: to give DS research the support –and voice–that it so urgently needs. To help advance DS research to the next level, ONE21 is supporting the development of a dedicated and centralized DS biobank that will be open to all DS researchers, regardless of institutional affiliation.

A biobank is a large medical-grade refrigeration unit used to store high-quality samples of blood, tissue, DNA, and other specimens researchers need to build a more thorough understanding of DS. It is a critical tool in advancing research in speech and communications, congenital heart defects, childhood leukemia, early cognitive decline, thyroid issues, and others.

Toward that end, on September 6, 2013, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched the first national Down syndrome registry as a resource for connecting researchers with families and self-advocates willing to participate in research and clinical trials. Called “DS-Connect,” the NIH Down syndrome registry will also help researchers improve our overall understanding of DS as a condition with the health histories, symptoms, and diagnosis information that families voluntarily provide.

For decades, DS researchers have lacked commonplace tools and capabilities necessary to advance their work to the next level, including a national DS registry. Without them, we can’t move from basic research to clinical trials to drug therapies or best practices that can meaningfully improve the quality of life for people with DS.

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Shipping!!!!! Oh My!

Our shipping calculator seems to have been running madly and charging people too much. We will refund anything overcharged. If we missed your overcharge – let us know.

This is what you should be charged:

1-3 Shirts  $6.25

4-6 Shirts $12.50

7-10 Shirts $17.00

More – we’ll pack it and bill you exact shipping.

Buttons in quantities under 25 – free

Over 25 buttons – $6.25


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Eastern Market – Shed 1

We had our best day yet at Eastern Market, Shed 1. I think the routine of getting up EARLY, driving into the city, setting up, and then smiling at countless customers who walk past and don’t even give him a glance is finally beginning to pay off.  Being at Eastern Market is good practice for Teddy of what the mundane world of world can really be like. At conferences he gets a ton of positive feedback – and he needs that – but if someday he decides to abandon Teddy’s Ts and get a more typical job, he is going to need the skills he is learning at Eastern Market.

Come see Teddy at Eastern Market. He is in the original Eastern Market Shed – Shed 1. It is across the street and a block away from Shed 2 and 3. The Pottery Guy owns the shed, not Eastern Market – and he sells every kind of pot you can imagine. Lots of them your will never see at English Gardens – especially not at the price he sells them for. He also sells plants and soil and knows plants and will give you help. Want to buy a plant elsewhere and but the pot there? Get it re-planted, too. Also loads of decorations for your garden – some only for $1.00.

There is also a vendor selling Kettle Korn and handmade soap. The blacksmith is set up that makes garden stands and special orders. Another tshirt vendor, Detroit Street Apparel, is there too.  Teddy’s Ts also has a create your own button table. Always wanted a button that said XXX? Nows your chance. Come draw your design on a button template and see it made before your eyes.

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Updated Website, new stuff, & coupons!

The website might look the same, but its innards have been updated. Hopefully this means the site will work better. It will also mean, hopefully, more sales!

Teddy is now making mini buttons as fast as he can. His mom is having a great time coming up with new designs. The mini size lends itself to far more powerful messages that you might want to be a bit more discreet about. Teddy doesn’t really “get” what they all mean yet. He will.

New shirt!  A bright lime green shirt, with a black frame letting the words “Disabled and Proud” pop-out.  The “i” is a raised arm with the hand in a fist.

We have Sexy, Disabled, & Proud available for a short time in sleeveless versions. We might continue to make them or they might just be around for summer.

We have gotten lots of tshirts in stock, so the stock levels on the site might not be accurate yet. We are not printing the Justin Dart shirt again until 2015 for the 25th Anniversary of the ADA, but most sizes are still available.  We are also going to phase out the Peace shirt for awhile. We still have a lot left, but they are very time intensive to make and we are going to focus on other shirts this year.

And finally, we have coupons!  You can find them under “Shop”.  There are just 3 right now.  You enter a code during checkout. If you buy 3 tshirts you get a discount of $10.00 (buy 3). If you buy 10 mini buttons, you get a 50% discount (buy 10).  And the opportunity to make a donation to the Society for Disability Studies and get a 5¢ discount for yourself (SDS).




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Teddy presenting at CPWD – Center for People with Disabilities in Boulder, CO.

Come meet Teddy and his Mom and learn how Teddy’s Ts transitioned from a tiny little idea selling tshirts someone else designed and produced to Teddy’s business of today with over a dozen original tshirt designs and nearly 4 dozen buttons.  Teddy will talk about how it feels to be an entrepreneur and what he loves most about his business. Susan will discuss the decisions made to move the business from what it was to what it is. You will learn about the level of commitment needed to make a micro enterprise a success.You will hear about the mistakes made a long the way so you don’t have to repeat them. You will have an idea of what good choices were made by design or happenstance that caused Teddy’s Ts to be successful. There will be an opportunity to buy both tshirts and buttons. (Cash or credit)See blog post

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New Gandhi Shirt!

This is a medium blue shirt with gold lettering. It says Be the Change Your Wish to See in the World ~ Gandhi. These letters surround a globe drawn and painted by Teddy in green and blue. It is a very pretty shirt, but can be worn by anyone!

This is our friend Carol and she in walking for MS!

We still have a few of Dan’s old Gandhi designs left, but not many.