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Teddy presenting at CPWD – Center for People with Disabilities in Boulder, CO.

Come meet Teddy and his Mom and learn how Teddy’s Ts transitioned from a tiny little idea selling tshirts someone else designed and produced to Teddy’s business of today with over a dozen original tshirt designs and nearly 4 dozen buttons.  Teddy will talk about how it feels to be an entrepreneur and what he loves most about his business. Susan will discuss the decisions made to move the business from what it was to what it is. You will learn about the level of commitment needed to make a micro enterprise a success.You will hear about the mistakes made a long the way so you don’t have to repeat them. You will have an idea of what good choices were made by design or happenstance that caused Teddy’s Ts to be successful. There will be an opportunity to buy both tshirts and buttons. (Cash or credit)See blog post

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