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Shipping!!!!! Oh My!

Our shipping calculator seems to have been running madly and charging people too much. We will refund anything overcharged. If we missed your overcharge – let us know.

This is what you should be charged:

1-3 Shirts  $6.25

4-6 Shirts $12.50

7-10 Shirts $17.00

More – we’ll pack it and bill you exact shipping.

Buttons in quantities under 25 – free

Over 25 buttons – $6.25


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New Shipping Prices

Sometimes you can’t ship things the way you want to ship them because the website software won’t let you. Finally a solution was found to the problem of the cost to ship buttons verus shirts. Now it will be free shipping for buttons and magnets, but you will still need to pay shipping for shirts and tote bags. I hope this will inspire you to buy a few button maybe even a dozen!

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Shopping for the holidays!

Is it empty under your tree? Teddy’s mom has totally maxed out her credit so that Teddy’s Ts can have every shirt you might want in stock for your shopping pleasure! Label Jars not People – a perennial favorite is available in long sleeves as an experiment. If they prove popular they will become a regular item. Continue reading Shopping for the holidays!

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Buttons, buttons, and more buttons!

We have lots of new buttons…more all the time. We have about 30 different designs.

We can design a button on a few days notice and get you a hundred of them a day later. Our friend Rich is great at turning your idea into a button of beauty. We give you a bargain price, too, when you buy a large quantity of buttons. Call us for a price.

All buttons are priced at $3.00. All button magnets at $4.00. Both buttons and magnets ship free.