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Shopping for the holidays!

Is it empty under your tree? Teddy’s mom has totally maxed out her credit so that Teddy’s Ts can have every shirt you might want in stock for your shopping pleasure! Label Jars not People – a perennial favorite is available in long sleeves as an experiment. If they prove popular they will become a regular item.

The price of cotton has gone up! The shirts we have now will remain the same price, but sometime in 2012 we are going to have to raise prices. We stocked up when the price was still low, so it will be awhile for most designs.

We had to raise the cost of shipping by a dollar. When possible we try to use a USPS flat rate box for $4.95 with 70¢ added for tracking. We can always get one shirt in, usually two, unless they are both bigger sizes. Shipping when you order only buttons or magnets is now free.

Don’t you need one last gift for the holidays?

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  1. Hi, Susan – Love what you and Teddy are doing! Your interactive website is fun, embracing, a community all in itself. You’ve surrounded Teddy with a sparkling variety of environments within which he can maneuver freely and still be safe. He can’t help but be a very happy, successful person.

    Our son, Mark, has retired from business, but he enjoyed a grand five years travelling all over the country speaking about health and fitness for people with I/DD. And his father David and I developed his speeches from what he himself said – and illustrated them with projected PowerPoint photos, many from his own life and experiences. Like Teddy, he loves people and they love him – always happy, positive, non-judgmental, uncritical and uncomplaining. He changed our lives as I’m sure Teddy did yours. You are one great Mom! Margot Nasjleti

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