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This is the classic multi-colored puzzle design on a ribbon.

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This is an autism awareness button. The puzzle piece is the most recognized symbol for autism. This symbol is not without its detractors, but until another symbol gets as much recognition as this one we’ll make this one.   There are many autism organizations – some are cure-oriented, while others are fighting for the rights of people with autism to be accepted as they are. Jim Sinclair and Teddy’s Mom went to grad school together, he went onto begin Autism Network International and  Autreat.


“Typical autism conferences are about autistic people, but are primarily for the benefit of researchers, service providers, or families. Autreat is an opportunity for autistic people and those with related developmental differences, our friends, and supporters to come together, discover and explore autistic connections, and develop advocacy skills, all in an autistic-friendly environment. Family members and professionals are welcome to attend, but the structure and content of this event are determined by the interests and sensibilities of autistic people.  Learn more about Autreat:



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