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Not Dead Yet is written in a drippy script. We do this on a round button differently – red in on white paper, black ink on purple paper,  black ink on flower paper… us if you want to know what the current version looks like.

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The phrase Not Dead Yet is taken from the movie ” Monty Python and The Holy Grail ” and is the idea of people with disabilities as being not yet dead.  Proponents of assisted suicide see all too eager to expand who has the right to be helped to die to not just people who are in the active state of dying, but also to people who have become disabled. What is wrong with this idea is that many people with disabilities when they first become disabled only know the horrors of disability and haven’t yet learned that life does goes on. Most people when they first become disabled have no idea what support services exist or any idea how to get them. They are in crisis and shock , of course, suicide seems a good option. Most reasons people with disabilities consider availing them self of suicide do so for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with pain or dying.  It is a loss of independence and dignity – both of which can be restored with good quality support services.



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