Deaf Pride


ASL hand sign for using ASL is the backdrop to the words: Deaf Pride. Suggested use for this button is to wear it so others know you use ASL.  Available as a mini button.



Deaf pride did not originate at Gallaudet University, but it is certainly a place where it is fiercely practiced. Mark Droisbaugh describes his own experience with Deaf pride as:


It is a feeling of pride and support which pushes us on. In my case, it was seeing the successful outcome of the Deaf President Now movement which spurred me on to transfer to Gallaudet University and set my goals higher than I ever did before. So yes, as far as I’m concerned, there is such a thing as Deaf Pride. It exists for me, and it’s the spark which changed my life. As one would say in ASL, “Deaf Pride, Pah!”  (

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